About us…


The Sci-Time Lesson Library

  • The Sci-Time is a studying space for Science students.
  • Our lesson library has resources, that students can use to learn Science.
  • It is also equipped with some of the more interesting things that are going on in science, which might stir some interest of yours.
  • Hopefully, you can get maximum use out of it and also have a little fun!
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The Teacher

  • I have been a science teacher for over a decade.
  • Currently, I am teaching Science for the students in Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 at the SciTime Tuition Hub.
  • I am also the founder of the Sci-Time.
  • I am a teacher, who thoroughly enjoys teaching.
  • I love to do demonstrations of science concepts as well as try to incorporate the latest discoveries in science into the classroom.
  • I also integrate the latest technology into the science curriculum to further enhance the learning experience.